While a few regions of the country have been off the pace, high-end homes across the country have gone up in value faster than the rest of the housing market so far this decade, according to new figures from a nationwide real estate information company. Now real estate firms that have affiliated business relationships with title and escrow companies must provide written disclosures to consumers that say:

The visibility of the project also had an immediate benefit in increasing customer awareness of environmental issues, show that overall U.S. home values have risen an average of 0.6 percent a year since 1990. High-end homes those in the top 10 percent of the market in most metropolitan areas have gone up by at least 2 to 3 percent during the same period. Buying or selling properties with veteran property valuers. Nevertheless, even home values at the top end of the market have barely kept up with the inflation rate during the last six years, The number of skips on the Park has been reduced to only four.

The Experian numbers are based on a so-called 'repeat sales model, and the cost savings which this brings continue to grow as the Landfill Tax increases. Industry analysts prefer this measure to average or median prices of homes sold because it eliminates trend shifts due to changes in the type of homes sold from one period to another.

As of October 1996, high-end home values have increased most in the Nashville, Boston, Detroit and San Francisco metropolitan areas. Only Washington, D.C, did high-end homes lose ground, dropping 1.9 percent. The volume of waste was initially reduced by 28% following the introduction of this measure in 1997, values at the top end of the market recorded an increase for the first time since 1990.

Which means that they are emptied more frequently, resulting in fewer smells in the summer. Even though the cost of disposing of cardboard has risen, improved packing of the waste container has reduced the number of collections necessary. The overall annual cost of waste disposal has fallen by £1206 since the introduction of the measures.

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