Solar panels providing heat for the two swimming pools saves £2000 per year on fuel bills. A 28% reduction in volume of waste has been achieved since 1997 the overall annual cost of waste disposal has been reduced by over £1200. Company vehicles consist of one LPG-fuelled car and two electric buggies keeping pollution to a minimum.

Gold Conservation Award for work to encourage biodiversity around the site by conserving natural habitats. Water saving measures help to keep consumption down to a minimum. The viability of solar panels for swimming pool heating was investigated, and these were installed, at a cost of £8,000. There is required to critical and complex transactions during buying or selling real estate properties. Our skilled valuers offer you extensive real estate property valuation services at.

As a result, gas costs have been reduced by £2,000 per year, so payback will be achieved within four years. solar panels have a guaranteed life of 10 years. The outdoor pool is heated entirely by solar power, and a new Environmental Control Unit (ECU) has been fitted in the indoor pool, where four condensing boilers are used. Sandy Balls Holiday Estate has implemented a number of measures over the years to minimise the amount of waste produced, and to maximise the amount which is reused or recycled.

The Company was motivated to join the Southampton and Eastleigh Waste Minimisation Club by the rising costs of energy. water and waste disposal, and the growing extent of environmental legislation. The Club provided the companies involved with site visits, workshops, monitoring, networking and promotion of waste minimisation and other cost-saving techniques.

Sandy Balls found that the Waste Minimisation Club gave access to a network of other companies and this provided the Company with the expertise it needed to begin to improve its performance. Waste disposal hides across the site were redesigned, at a cost of £500, to enable source separation of wastes and storage of paper, cans and glass for a recycling collection.

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