Protecting your personal information is our superior task. And we do every possible effort to prevent your personal information with us. We take your personal information with us as your name, your contact number, your email id, etc.

We give you feedback of your requirements when you visit our website and ask any query about our website services. We take your brief information through registration process as that your full name, your full address, your full contact number, your full and correct email id, etc and provide feedback to you using your email id or by call.

You r personal information is stored in our database with full safety and security. We never allowed anybody to access your personal information. And also we never share your personal information with any third party person. First we take your permission and then after getting approval from your side we share your personal information with anybody or any third party person.

If any user us only browsing our website and downloading information from our website then in that case we automatically get users access information like from where he is searching, his location, his domain name, his server name, his IP address, his browser type and also date and time of his accessing. By knowing all these information we become more aware about users interest in searching and also we get to know that on which page user are more interested and then after knowing all these information we try to improve our website.