In the coming months, virtual technology is poised to knock the socks off real estate on the Web. Affordable panoramic photographs will not only bring the aesthetic of home and community to cold and sterile Internet home listings, but they will begin to emulate the three-dimensional nature of the house in a revolutionary way.

ETI found that sufficient polystyrene chips came into the factory through deliveries to supplement the shredded paper in such cases. The chips are now saved up and used as and when needed, rather than being thrown away, and ETI has not needed to purchase any EPS flow pack. All cardboard boxes that come in to the factory are re-used this involves, on average, 450 boxes each month. Since boxes cost around £1 each, this generates savings of £5400 each year.

Water use is monitored on a monthly basis and has been reduced significantly since water saving devices have been fitted to all WCs.

The Company plans to encourage staff to undertake conservation work through helping to clean up a nearby stream as part of a team-building exercise. PPR WIPAG diverts 35 tonnes of plastics away from landfill every week. The reclaimed plastic which the Company produces is of such high quality that it is worth in excess of £1000 per tonne. Hamilton Designs is a small-medium sized enterprise located in a business park on the outskirts of Chichester.

The Company has been in operation since the late 1970s and moved to its current premises in 1989. The Company employs 95 staff and has a turnover of £4 million. In 1999 Hamilton Designs received a free Environmental Audit as part of a joint project between EcoSys, The audit examined legal compliance, materials and energy use and identified a number of areas where potential savings could be made.

All ideas were noted and prioritized to highlight the most feasible options property valuer salary depends on the type of experience the valuer has. Hamilton Designs was quick to put several of these suggestions into practice, and has made significant savings. especially on energy, and, through the reduction of waste. Company profits have benefited through significantly reducing chipboard waste, simply through improved controls.

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