While many have argued that the aging of the Baby Boom generation will lead to less housing demand and presumably lower prices, a new study says otherwise.

Patrick Hendershott, co-author of the study and a professor of finance at Ohio State University's Max M. Fisher College of Business, told the Chicago Tribune that while housing demand among aging demographic groups traditionally has declined, the more educated and affluent Boomers aren't likely to cut back as they enter their 70s and retire.

There are a few things property holders can do to make a decent impression in land valuers. Here are a few tips or to plan effectively for property valuation. The system has allowed NATS to better monitor and understand the performance of the site and its assets, Encouragement to staff to use public transport.

Further savings of 4% were made in 2001 this includes the 22% increase from the Climate Change Levy. All hot water used in one building, including the restaurant (and the dishwasher) is pre-heated using solar power. Installed building management technology total saving of 24% on utilities over 2 yearsWind- and solar-power lighting columns installed at Gatwick Positive influence on supply chain assisted suppliers in developing their own environmental policies.

Complete review of company transport resulted in fleet reduced from 80 to 30 vehicles. Local deliveries made using electric vehicle. Wind and solar powered lighting columns provide lighting for various parts of the Gatwick site and have offered NATS a cheaper solution than traditional hard dig methods. NATS entered into a partnership with waste disposal company Shanks to provide total waste management for all remote sites. the business estimation of any property. NATS staff are receiving training from Shanks, in dealing with its special statutory obligations. Water use is closely monitored so that leaks are reported immediately. NATS installed waterless urinals in 1999, producing savings of £2000 per annum (10% of the overall water bill). initial cleaning problems were overcome through training and raising awareness.

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