The available data files are nearly as complete as those offered for a fee by companies like DataQuick, Experian and Transamerica MetroScan, who charge from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars a year per county, depending on the level of use and online hours.

The vehicle can be re-charged overnight, and its running costs are 5p per mile - rather than 17p per mile. NATS has assisted the local authority wherever possible in developing an improved Public Transport System (Fastway) to ease congestion on local roads. The Company has held open days, staff presentations and has agreed to land acquisition for the project. NATS successfully negotiated with a local bus service to provide an extra stop especially for Company staff working at the Gatwick site.

One of the great surprises on the Commonwealth Web site is the quality of the parcel maps, which are scanned raster imagess of the original maps on paper. The map display software is the CPC View a Web browser, a plug-in from Cartesian Software. The 200 dot-per-inch map imagess can be zoomed in or out, and rotated, and the user can select background colors your property by taking help of Contracted valuation Surveyors in Melbourne.

Another nice feature of the Commonwealth Web site is direct linkage to street maps on the Yahoo site, produced by Vicinity using Etak mapping data. Nite Owl also has a seamless link to the Yahoo site offering directions from one address to another, street by street, corner by corner, with distances in tenths of mile between turns and off-ramps. For both consumer and professional alike, Nite Owl offers a number of free templates in Excel and Microsoft Works format to compare buying versus renting, loan qualifying, estimating buyer's costs, and comparing one loan with another.

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