In the online demo of Black Diamond's real estate tour, the viewer rotate the first screen images until a door is seen. From this first room, the virtual tour leads other rooms in the house and to the exterior. Using the mouse to click on one of the chairs in the photo provides a list of external links.

All scrap is stored in a Waste Control Area where it is monitored by a department Team Leader, who reports the contents of the Waste Control Area at a daily Manufacturing Meeting. All defects are analysed so that the cause of any fault can be identified and corrected. This encourages staff to be much more aware of the need to keep mistakes to a minimum. Waste chipboard that cannot be re-used is now minced and fed into a burner that produces enough energy to heat the whole factory floor, seven days a week. Highly talented and hard working valuers are helping you in getting the estimate amount of your commercial or residential properties and prepare real estate property valuer report. Just from burning waste chipboard, Hamilton Designs is on target to save some £8000 per year – as the direct result of reducing landfill site waste and savings on heating costs.

Overall the Company has been able to reduce skip collections by 50% over the last year. Each skip collection costs £350 and now that Hamilton Designs only needs to use one or less per week due to better control of waste disposal, the Company is achieving substantial weekly savings.

With regular reviews, Hamilton Designs is aiming to keep its waste reduced to 50% of previous levels. saving £50,000 per year in waste disposal in addition to savings achieved by generating their own energy for heating the factory. For example the Company is looking into the use of a water-based degreasing system for metalwork.

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