It employs the equivalent of 90 full-time staff in premises of 9500 square feet, During 1999 the Company received a free environmental audit through the West Sussex Waste Reduction Programme. which was a joint project between Ecosys, local authorities in West Sussex and the Environment Agency.

Nite Owl's Level 1 service is assigned to all users that sign-up with NiteOwl online. This level is described as a pre-approval stage in becoming a member of Commonwealth's NiteOwl Online community. This entry level allows two property searches and then the account is expired until approval by a Commonwealth representative.

Environmental management, waste generation and legal compliance. Reducing environmental impacts and maximising profits and ETI were quick to put its recommendations into practice. As an initial step spreadsheets were established to monitor use of electricity, water and gas.

Property Valuation Structure is simple and accurate and is suitable for all property owners, getting them a clear idea about their property's value by expert property valuers considering all the essential factors. valuers the major emerging global professionals to deal with your whole system for concerning property.

Nite Owl's Level 3 offers data services that should appeal to top producing agents. In addition to those features in Level 2, this third level offers customizable farm searches, various output formats (such as laser labels and file downloads, custom comparable sales, and mail merge letters. Level 4 is currently Commonwealth's highest level a customer can achieve on the NiteOwl Online system. This level has all the features of Levels 2 and 3 and adds several online title products, such as preliminary title reports.

The fifth level is for title companies only, and includes all of the above services plus back room title processing. This has enabled managers to monitor the use of power and quantify any savings when trying different thermostat settings and procedures. This spring, Californians will be seeing and hearing this message on their television screen and radio.

It also helps to identify any potential waste situations such as water leaks. working for a period and when ambient light alone is sufficient. Small jobs that involve energy-intensive equipment (e.g. soldering) are saved up to maximise efficiency. A monthly Company newsletter helps to develop an energy efficient ethos through encouraging conservation at work and at home.

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