This will eliminate loss of solvent by evaporation, and less solvent will be used. Sandy Balls Holiday Centre was established as a limited company in 1959. although the estate has operated as a holiday centre and residential park since its purchase in 1919.

It has an annual turnover of around £5 million. The site operates all year round and employs over 200 staff, with guest numbers peaking at 3,000 per week. which brought both financial rewards and environmental benefits. Property valuation services for buyer or sellers with affordable prices who want to purchase or sell property at auctions.

The Sandy Balls Holiday Estate has implemented measures which increase energy efficiency, and help to protect the environment as well as producing cost savings. All of the Forest Lodge accommodation has been fitted with low energy lighting.

In addition strip lights were replaced with low energy tubes and the 25W candle lights in the pub were replaced with 3W compact fluorescent bulbs. All new caravans and lodges are ordered with enclosed low-energy lighting and extra insulation as standard, and condensing boilers are installed in lodges. The savings achieved through the reduction in energy used have totalled £2,000 per year, giving an 18 month payback time for the improvements.

There are also benefits in reduced cable loading and lower maintenance costs resulting from fewer callouts. There is also a considerable saving in labour time spent resetting switches or changing lamps. The heating of the two swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor, accounted for around 25% of gas consumption, with an additional 18% added during.

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